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friday 09 march 2012 बीजाय भालचंद्राय गणेश परमात्मने। प्रणतक्लेश नाशाय हेरंभाय नमो नम:॥ [caption id="attachment_4618" width="300"] बुद्धीची देवता गणेशच का?? याचे उत्तर[/caption] In the Veda the three deities Brahma, Brihaspati and Brahmanaspati denote one Deity. This deity is also the popular elephant-faced God worshipped in the Puranas whose tusk is in the form of the sacred syllable OM or AUM. He appears in the Tantra Yoga in the form of Ganapati, presiding deity over the paraavaak, the speech supreme with his abode in the muladhara chakra, subtle body of every human. In the Veda Brahma stands for the Potent Word, mantra. Brahmanaspati is thus the Lord of the mantras. When the mantra is recited by a proper person, it enters our subtle bodies and releases the concealed forces and leads them upwards in manifestation. He is called in the Puranaas as Vigneswara or the Lord of obstacles. Physical obstacles are caused in our tasks because of our conflicting thoughts and desires. All problems of existence are problems of harmony. Ganapati places the appropriate mantra in the subtle body using his tusk skilfully and the power of the mantra removes the inharmony, the cause of the obstacle. Hence Ganapati is said to manifest in our subtle bodies with his protections utibhih. The same idea is there in other mantras such as (1.40.1) "he is prayed to become awake". The mantra is popularly used in the beginning of many rituals even today. There fore hindu shastra worshiping god ganesh as a god of intelectuality , intelligence etc.... ।। ॐ गं गणपतये नमः ।। Gana in this mantra means a group or host. He is the leader of the host of the mantras. His power enables us to hear the voice of divine inspiration in our hearts. He is called a superb kavi because kavi is not a mere poet but the originator of all actions, both in the macrocosm and microcosm. When he hears us, his action for us automatically follows. शेंदुर लाल चढायो अच्छा गजमुखको । दोंदिल लाल बिराजे सुत गौरीहरको । हाथ लिये गुडलड्डु साई सुरवरको । महिमा कहे न जाय लागत हुं पदको ॥1॥ जय जय जी गणराज विद्या सुख दाता धन्य तुमारो दर्शन मेरा मन रमता ॥ध्रु॥ अष्टौ सिध्दी दासी संकटको बैरी । बिघ्नबिनाशन मंगल मुरत अधिकारी । कोटी सुरज प्रकाश ऐसी छबी तेरी । गंडस्थल मदमस्तक झुले शशिबिहरी ॥2॥ जय .... ॥ भाव भगतसे कोई शरणागत आवे । संतत संपत सबही भरपूर पावे । ऐसे तुम महाराज मोको अतिभावे । गोसावी नंदन निशिदिन गुण गावे ॥3॥ जय .....॥ with the help of internet ...


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