Vastu Hints

ग्रंथालय  > वास्तुशास्त्र Posted at 2016-03-13 10:33:59
  1. More open area in North & East.
  2. Less open area in South & West
  3. Level in North & East to be lower
  4. Levels in South & West to be higher than floor level
  5. Water body in Northeast
  6. Kitchen in Southeast
  7. Bed rooms in West & South
  8. Master Bed Room in southwest
  9. Attached toilets in Southeast or Northwest of each room
  10. Staircase in Southeast or Northwest corner
  11. A door in Northeast is mandatory
  12. Another door can come in any other direction but must be in the positive half of that direction.
  1. Sloped roofs should be towards North or East
  2. When viewed the weight of the structure should be uniform every where or the West & South portions should be heavy compared to North or East half.


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